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We are passionate about skin care. Since our establishment in 1988, our clinic recognized the need for effective treatments and therapies. We have a preventative and result driven approach, combining the latest technology, holistic and cosmeceutical procedures.

Dermalogica - known as international pioneers in skin care development - has made faces 100 a member of the:

  • Vintage Circle: Contributing to the brand since 1995.

  • Platinum Circle: Serving as a model and raising the standards of the skin care and body therapy industry. 

Our small team of qualified and experienced medical personnel and therapists works together to offer the ultimate synergy in advice and treatments which will provide the results you require.

Salon Hours

Mondays - Thursdays: 08:00am - 19:00pm 
Fridays: 08:00am - 17:00pm
Saturdays: 08:00am - 13:00pm
Sundays & Public holidays: Closed