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Expert Skin Care Centre

Dermalogica Platinum Circle

We are passionate about skin care and Dermalogica – known as international pioneers in skin care development and maintaining superior standards in a competitive market - has recognized this and faces 100 has been made a member of the Platinum and Vintage Circle.

Being a Platinum Circle member means that faces 100 has been serving as a model and raising the standards of the skin care and body therapy industry. From attending many Dermalogica product information classes, IDI seminars and treatment techniques, faces 100 offers our clients expert advice, professional consultations and treatments that provide maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Dermalogica Vintage Circle

Faces 100 is also a member of Dermalogica's Vintage Circle for contributing to the brand since 1995.

What is PSP (Premium Skincare Profession)?

A PSP, is a premium skin therapist who commits themselves to embracing the Dermalogica philosophy and upholding the highest level of professionalism in our industry. the objective of the PSP initiative, is to inspire the PST (professional skincare therapist) to achieve higher performance levels, continue raising the bar of the professional skin care industry and ensure the consumer's experience is one of continued excellence within your Dermalogica skincare centre.

PSP's will be rewarded and recognised by Dermalogica as our skin expert and this in turn will lead to recognition amongst peers and credibility with clients. the PSP development program has a 3 level approach: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Here PST has the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skill and retail ability at a reasonable pace, through a program which is easy to navigate and acknowledges them for achieving the required criteria in each of the 3 development levels.

Faces 100 has 2 Gold qualified therapists.