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Lamelle Products


Lamelle Research Laboratories is a biotechnology research company that manufactures products locally for the South African market. With a special interest in cosmetic dermatology, all products that are developed follow a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production. Lamelle Research Laboratories was the first to launch Nobel Prize winning nano-capsulated Human Growth Factors 100% homologues to human protein in South Africa, which has proven to be popular with doctors and therapists under the brand Dermaheal. This is one of many firsts for Lamelle including Ovelle, the first oral supplement for hormonal pigmentation / melasma.

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Lamelle Ranges

  • Dermaheal
  • Luminesce
  • Serra
  • Clarity and Acnevelle
  • Nourish

Dermaheal topical growth factors are expertly formulated in an easy to follow skin care range which includes cleansers, day, night and eye creams as well as a hydrating sunscreen.

Compared to even powerful prescription medications, no other topical ingredients can display the effectiveness of growth factors on the skin. Topical growth factors like the ones in the Dermaheal range increase new collagen in a fraction of the time and with no irritation due to the fact that they naturally occur in the skin.

Lamelle has also prepared additional powerful products selected to address those more worrying areas and signs of ageing in the Dermaheal range.

Luminesce is a comprehensive yet uncomplicated treatment range designed to effectively treat epidermal hyperpigmentation. Luminesce offers brilliant results in combating epidermal hyperpigmentation, and combination of peptides used in Luminesce will also stimulate fibroblast activity to provide an anti-ageing effect.

  • 6 times more powerful
  • 6 times more active ingredients
  • 6 times brighter skin
  • Nano encapsulated
  • Patented technology
  • Evidence-based technology

Dry skin is one of the most common complaints. Often this dryness is also accompanied by the concern of skin sensitivity. More recently, studies have suggested that failure of the epidermal barrier is the primary trigger for a cascade of events that ultimatley lead to skin dryness and sensitivity. A condition referred to as Atopic Dermatitis.

Recognising that epidermal barrier dysfunction is the initiating event, Lamelle Research Laboratories together with its research colleagues have developed a new innovative lipid replacement therapy that exactly mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bilayer of the epidermis. This new patented therapy serves as the backbone for the new innovative Serra skin care range.

Combining the patented Ceramide-P with new anti-inflammatory peptides and dexpanthenol, Serra moisturisers assist to relieve the debilitating condition of skin dryness or sensitivity and even assist in Atopic Dermatitis. Clinical studies in both adults and children have shown significant improvements in signs and symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis when Ceramide-P has been used regularly. Serra skin is corrected skin. Should skin redness or dryness worsen while using the Serra range, stop the product and consult with a health care provider. 

Lamelle Research Laboratories, has once again revolutionized the professional skincare industry by introducing the ‘inside-out’ treatment principle. This is a synergistic approach that incorporates a topical treatment range together with an oral supplement. These home treatment products (Clarity and Acnevelle) used in conjunction with each other may provide an 85% improvement within 4 to 8 weeks of use.

Lamelle Research Laboratories has incorporated specialized ingredients into the Clarity range to address the four primary factors associated with acne as well as the secondary concerns that include dark marks, scarring and skin dryness.

There are 4 primary factors which contribute to the development of acne. They include:

  • Overproduction of oil in the skin (sebum), increases under the influence of hormones.
  • This, along with the insufficient shedding of exfoliating dead skin cells, blocks hair follicles.
  • The blocked follicle can become inflamed and have increased growth of normal bacteria.
  • The inflammation in the follicle due to the increase in bacteria results in the rupture of the follicle wall and this extends into lower layers of the skin, causing an acne lesion. 

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that have one or more unpaired electrons making them ‘reactive’ with other atoms or molecules creating cellular injury. When the free radical molecule involves oxygen, we call it a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES (ROS). ROS is a free radical.

Free radical production can be attributed to the following:

  • The production of energy from the food we eat is a source of free radicals.
  • 2-5% of the oxygen we breathe is converted to Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) free radicals. In other words even at rest, we are producing ROS.
  • The more oxygen we consume, the greater the amount of ROS we produce. This is especially true in athletes or people with a more active lifestyle.

The body has several antioxidants to combat these Reactive Oxygen Species. An anti-oxidant is a vital molecule that has the ability to deactivate ROS.

Lamelle Research Laboratories offers the most comprehensive free radical protection system against free radical damage. Nourish provides significant reduction in free radical injury, reduction of premature photoageing, preservation of the skin immune response and restoration of the natural skin antioxidant defence systems.

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